Massive congratulations to all our students on their achievements, which are richly deserved following their dedicated hard work. Our top end performance this year is remarkable. We have a huge number of pupils who have achieved straight As and A*s, who will now progress to study high tariff prestigious university courses. We have seen a dramatic rise in the number of elite A* grades. Nationally the figure has increased to 8% of grades (1 in 12 grades), this year our students have achieved over 16% (1 in 6 grades). The school's A* and A performance is also well above national averages. I am very proud of the achievements of each and every student, virtually all will progress to their destination of choice.

Equally encouraging are the "AS" results, which are amongst our best ever. It provides a very strong platform for excellent results again next year.

It has been a joy to see so many happy faces in school today, realising the fruits of the hard work of both staff and students. I am proud of the way the whole school community has worked in partnership to achieve this success.

Pete Spencer