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Welcome to the English Department

The English department at QEHS strive to provide pupils with engaging and inclusive lessons, providing opportunity for all pupils to meet their attainment grades. We aim to raise standards with excellent teaching and stimulating schemes of work, all the while ensuring pupils are challenged at all levels. The department’s consistent use of Google Classroom allows pupils to practise their digital literacy, sharing and editing work with peers and accessing revision resources. An integrated study of Literature and Language skills is integral to our teaching, preparing pupils for GCSE and, later, A Level. As a department, we strive to create confident readers, and creative and imaginative writers.

Pupils are taught in ability groups that are reviewed on a regular basis following the half-termly assessments. Our aim is for pupils to achieve at the highest possible level for themselves with the support and encouragement of their teachers.


Standards Leader

Ms C Cluroe

Curriculum Manager

Miss J Davies

Mrs I Stevens

Literacy Co-ordinator

Classroom Teacher

Miss E Spiteri

Classroom Teacher

Miss L Surman

Classroom Teacher

Miss A Howells

Classroom Teacher

Mr K Coe

Classroom Teacher

Mrs L Williams

Classroom Teacher

Mr B Davies

Read Together Programme (23/11/2021)

The Read Together Programme aims for school and home to work together to develop the reading skills of our learners. In the first instance, Read Together will be rolled out to year 7. Years 8 and 9 will be introduced to the programme after Christmas.
Here Miss J Davies, explains everything:


Year 8 Podcasts (28/05/2021)

Our wonderful Year 8s have created engaging and creative podcasts on the subject of Salem and the Witch Trials. From in-depth interviews with Matthew Hopkins, the Witchfinder General, to striking stories of the Afflicted; our Year 8s have excelled in creativity! They've used their knowledge of the Salem play as the foundations for great storytelling. Enjoy their hard work!

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