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The Expressive Arts Area of Learning encompasses the subjects of Art, Drama and Music. As a community of subjects we aim to engage, motivate and encourage learners to develop their own creative, artistic and performance skills to the full, and in doing so to gain an understanding and appreciation of the creative work of others, both within Wales and the wider world. A great deal of emphasis is placed upon practical and collaborative work during lessons across all three disciplines as we strive to engage the imaginations of our learners and expand their cultural horizons. Classroom experiences are enhanced with an extensive range of extracurricular opportunities and activities.


Expressive arts lessons are taught in mixed ability groups across all key stages and learners are regularly assessed both formally and informally through a wide range of practical tasks.

Vision and Philosophy

The vision and philosophy of Expressive Arts includes:

  • Allowing space for all learners to be creative.
  • Making the offer fully inclusive.
  • Linking to positive health and well-being outcomes.
  • Ensuring that Expressive Arts skills are recognised as transferable and that they have a direct link to careers and lifelong learning.

Standards Leader - Music

Mrs R Honour

Classroom Teacher - Music

Mrs S Kirby

Classroom Teacher - Music

Mrs M Robinson

Curriculum Manager - Art

Mrs P Prileszky

Classroom Teacher - Art

Mrs F Gibson

Classroom Teacher - Art

Mrs C Reading

Curriculum Manager - Drama

Miss S Reynolds

Head of Year 12 & Classroom Teacher - Drama

Mrs J James

QEH Orchestra awarded 1st place in Urdd National Eisteddfod 2021 (07/06/2021)

Huge congratulations to everyone involved in our school orchestra’s winning entry in this year’s Eisteddfod. It’s a tremendous achievement to have been awarded first place in this national competition, and a fantastic reminder of just how talented and hardworking our pupils are. It was particularly rewarding to see our established instrumentalists being joined in the recording not only by pupils from across many of our key stage 3 music classes, but also past pupils, music department staff and staff from Carmarthenshire music service. A real sense of team spirit and community shown by all involved. It’s amazing what we can achieve when we all work together! 

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