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Area of Learning (AoLE's)




Academic year 2019-2020

Autumn 2019 - Authors and their works

Spring 2020 - Wonders of the world

Summer 2020 -Multiplying my Skills


Academic year 2020-2021

Autumn 2020 - Cultures 

Spring 2021 - Space

Summer 2021 - International Sports - Olympics


Academic Year 2021-2022

Autumn 2021 - Digital Dimensions

Spring 2022 - Myths and legends

Summer 2022 - Brilliant Britain


Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts is one of the 6 Areas of Learning and Experience in the new National Curriculum. It is embedded within the Curriculum in Elfed to allow students to explore their own creative work,that of others and learn to use tools, and techniques appropriately. They explore expressive arts to develop an understanding of how the expressive arts are communicated through visual, physical, verbal, musical and technological means. Through creative media they explore their emotions, the culture of Wales and the wider world.

Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing is at the forefront of all our learning experiences in Elfed.  It is our aim to maximise learning and progress of our pupils by helping them to look after their physical health and their mental wellbeing. Giving them strategies to cope with any problems or concerns they encounter, enabling them to  build resilience and empathy through the use of many different interventions and therapies. Also, ensuring active participation in PE sessions incorporating sports, fitness, dance, yoga and physiotherapy. 

We have incorporated a wellbeing hour once a week to help bring a focus for pupils and staff. 



The Humanities area of Learning and Experience seeks to awaken a sense of wonder, fire the imagination and inspire learners to grow in knowledge, understanding and wisdom. This area encourages learners to engage with the most important issues facing humanity, including sustainability and social change, and help to develop the skills necessary to interpret and articulate the past and the present. 

The Area encompasses Geography, History, Religion, Values and Ethics. 


Language, Literacy and Communication

The Languages, Literacy and Communication Area of Learning and Experience addresses fundamental aspects of human communication. It aims to support learning across the whole curriculum and to enable learners to gain knowledge and skills in Welsh, English and international languages as well as in literature.  It aims to encourage learners to transfer what they have learned about how languages work in one language to the learning and using of other languages. This multilingual and plurilingual approach is intended to ignite learners’ curiosity and enthusiasm and provide them with a firm foundation for a lifelong interest in the languages of Wales and the languages of the world.

British Sign Language is used within our Hearing Impaired resource base. This is offered as an option to our KS4/5 students. We also offer lunchtime sign classes to staff and students. “Signalong” is used across the centre to support speech. It is a key word sign supported communication system based on BSL and is used in spoken word order. It uses speech, sign, body language, facial expression and voice tone to reference the link between word and sign. All Elfed staff have been trained in at least level 1 “Signalong” by our speech and language therapist. 

Welsh Language at Canolfan Elfed is taught in context and through an intervention that aims to build up and build upon pupils’ knowledge of vocabulary and sentence patterns. Pupils are provided with a range of teaching approaches to enhance knowledge and understanding. Great emphasis is placed on speaking and listening to enable pupils to have a good working knowledge of the language.


Numeracy & Mathematics

Mathematics and numeracy are delivered across the unit in a wide range of forms. Students are challenged to connect and apply their knowledge and skills throughout daily life as well as designated lessons.

Mathematical skills and numeracy are imbedded within all of our teaching. In developing a fluency in the language of mathematics, learners encounter opportunities to develop knowledge, numerical and analytical skills and where appropriate, are able to apply these to a variety of situations across the wider curriculum and in real life situations.

Pupils are given many opportunities to develop resilience, to realise and accept mistakes as well as to reflect and learn across the curriculum and in daily life. By doing so we hope pupils develop greater understanding and enabling learners to make sense of the world around them.

What next……. We are in contact with a school in Cardiff who have had very successful results with implementing ‘Big Maths’ in to their school. We aim to visit the school in the Autumn term and see it in best practise with the hope to successfully purchase and implement it within Canolfan Elfed.


Science & Technology

The importance of Science and Technology in our modern world cannot be overstated. Developments in these areas have always been drivers of change in society, underpinning innovation and impacting on everyone’s lives economically, culturally and environmentally. As such, the Science and Technology Area of Learning and Experience will be increasingly relevant in the opportunities young people encounter and the life choices that they make.

This area draws on the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Design and Technology and Physics to enhance learners’ knowledge and understanding of the world. 


Outdoor Learning

Sixth Form

We are part of Canolfan Elfed and work with students with a range of learning needs and styles aged 16-19.

We equip and prepare all our students for adult life so that they can lead full and productive lives as members of their own communities.

We achieve this by:

  • Providing a stimulating learning environment, where all students can access a range of exciting activities, designed to educate, stimulate and challenge.
  • Creating an ethos in which everyone is valued and respected and where students are motivated, supported and encouraged to strive for success
  • Preparing our students for adult life by taking part in independence and gaining responsibility
  • Where appropriate, some students will work towards gaining the skills necessary for paid employment through a range of work experience and work related activities.
  • A bespoke learning programme.

Each student’s learning programme includes:

  • Functional skills (Literacy, Numeracy,Communication, ICT and Wellbeing)
  • Independence including travel training
  • Social skills
  • Careers Education with Careers Wales
  • Work related learning
  • Work Experience in a variety of settings, tailored to individuals preferences
  • Outdoor learning (Living pictures charity project)
  • Young Enterprise
  • Transition to Further Education

Our aim is to equip the students with the skills they will need to become valued and integrated members of their communities.




Sixth Form Work Experience

Work experience is an essential part of our 6th form experience.  It enables students to have an insight into the diversity of employees in the workplace. It prepares students for the demands and expectations of the working world. It will help students make informed career decisions by assessing their aptitudes and interests and exploring potential careers.

All work experience placements can be tailored towards the pupils interests or future career choices. Pupils also have the opportunity to have taster placements in a variety of settings.

Elfed have partnered up with the following businesses 

  • Chris Thomas and Sons - Wholesale Grocers
  • Tea Traders 
  • Pro Print 
  • Coffee Lounge, Whitland
  • Co-operative
  • Carmarthen Free Book

Hearing Impaired Resource Base

We have a purpose built, acoustically treated,  hearing impaired resource base with two specialist qualified Teachers of the Deaf. The resource base consists of two teaching rooms and a quiet room for exams, audiology equipment testing and speech & language sessions.  We provide an inclusive setting for students ranging from year 7 to year 13. Hearing impaired students work alongside mainstream peers and are included in all areas of school life. We are committed to working in partnership with parents, outside agencies  and the wider community.

We have a person centred approach within Canolfan Elfed, our aim is ‘pupils voice’. We focus on what is important to the student, what matters to them, we discuss the best way to support them which provides us with a view of the students needs. We adopt a total communication approach within the resource base. The curriculum is delivered in the individual’s preferred language whether that is British Sign Language (BSL), Signed Supported English (SSE) or Spoken English.  The students have access to specialist equipment such as radio aids that supports access for deaf children  into mainstream classes. All equipment is checked by the Teachers of the Deaf. 

We have individualised timetables for our students, where they can access the mainstream curriculum, whenever possible. When this is not appropriate, children are taught an adapted curriculum in small groups, by the Teachers of the Deaf. We have a team of specialist teaching assistants that support in mainstream lessons and in the resource base. In the resource base they help students with pre/post tutoring for specific subjects. Depending on the students needs the specialist teaching assistants take on different roles e.g communication support, note-taking or 1:1 curriculum support. 


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