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Meet the School Council 2021/22

Harry John – Head Boy

I am privileged to be appointed as Head Boy, my aim for the school council this year is to ensure that everyone’s input is valued as equal across the whole school. I am also conscious of involving the whole senior management team with the school council to guarantee that the student voice is heard and considered by all who are willing to help, making sure that all students feel comfortable and understood. As an outgoing personality, I feel it is vital for everyone to feel safe to express themselves in school, this will give all pupils the opportunity to achieve whatever they want. I am also passionate about supporting the community around us; as a school, we have helped many charities and food banks across Carmarthenshire and I intend on using my position to maintain and encourage this support. I intend on being a voice for my peers, teachers and community to help maintain a healthy school environment.

Arwen Skinner – Head Girl

Hi! My name is Arwen Skinner and I'm head girl. I'm passionate about getting young people’s voices heard on the issues that matter to them. As well as coming up with solutions together to act on a positive manner to improve the school environment. I am passionate about making school a safe place for everyone and making it an environment where everyone can achieve what they are fully capable of. As head girl the school council enable me to demonstrate my leadership skills and the ability to help listen to other pupil’s voices and improve the school for the better. These skills are also transferred when I represent the school on Carmarthenshire Youth Council and the UK youth parliament member for Carmarthenshire.

Joseph Clarke – 11Q

Hello there. My name is Joseph Clarke and I am privileged to once again be in the school council. The ability to be that link between student and staff allows me to both help my community and experience new events. I feel a lot of pride when wearing my school badge so to represent the school in any way doubles such pride. Some would describe me as quite outgoing and outspoken, something I also feel in myself. This allows me to put my ideas and the ideas given to me by the students forward to the school council to continue to develop the school. Though I can be loud and sometimes a bit over the top I am also always there for people and some say quite approachable, always happy to help out and be friendly. All this helps me to represent my school and the students and to do them proud.

Jenna Loweth -11Q

Hello, my name is Jenna Loweth and I have recently been voted as a year rep for the school council. I have been on the school council for several years and see it so beneficial for the pupils to have their say. I love being a part of the school council as I always want to help my peers make their school life an easier and happier experience. I have always wanted to be someone that others can turn to, come to for advice or provided help when needed. Being a part of the school council gives me that opportunity to do so and I have been very successful in voicing the pupil’s voice over the last few years.

Charles Fernandez – 10A

Hi, I am Charles ‘Chad’ Fernandez and I am the Year 10 male representative for the school council. Being on the school council to me, means being able to give the pupils of our school a voice. I believe that it is highly important that each and every student here at QEHs deserves a say and opinion on how we could improve the school and that it is my duty as a representative. I enjoy being a part of the school council committee as we’re all striving for an excellent and safe school environment.

Cira Thomas – 10C

Hello, my name is Cira Thomas and I am the year 10 representative for the School Council. I am very grateful and excited to be a member of the school council at QEHs. It means a lot that my year groups have trust in me to represent them and to deliver our views on the school. The school council is an amazing opportunity which I take very seriously. I aim to make our school a better place and prioritise the wellbeing of all our students. I am here to help and listen to you so I thank you for this opportunity.


Connor Murphy-Healy – 9M

Hey! My name is Connor and I am the year 9 representative for the school council. Being part of the School Council is  important to me because I think everyone  needs a voice and I hope I can be the voice  on behalf of my fellow students, through speaking up  about any worries or concerns they may  have. It is also important for me to have this opportunity to show my leadership and public speaking skills as well as to further develop my organisational and communication skills.


Summer Copper – 9M

Hello, my name is Summer Copper and I’ve been voted by my year group to represent year 9 on the school council. I am excited and grateful for this opportunity to represent not only my peers but as well the school.  I am very passionate about helping people and improving the school for all pupils. I am friendly and caring and I think these qualities will help me in this role. I’m looking forward to working alongside other members of the school council this year.


Abdulaziz Abbasher – 8C

Hello I am Aziz and I am privileged to be voted for school council by my classmates. I am a reliable and trustworthy member of the year group and able to voice my classmate’s opinions in a positive manner. I think this is a great opportunity to address the views and issues of my classmates in a respectful and thoughtful manner in order to do the school proud. I have a lot of good ideas for the school and I will be putting these forward at the meetings I attend.


Holly Andrews - 8A

Hi, my name is Holly Andrews and I am in year 8. I am extremely happy to have been chosen to represent year 8 on the school council. Being apart of the school council is important to me because I enjoy helping the community and others around me. I also think my voice can be heard in helping others in developing the school into a safe and enjoyable environment. I take my year groups opinions in and pass the information on in our regular school council meetings.

Blue Evans – 7M

Hi, I'm Blue Evans from 7M and I am really enjoying my time in QE High School. I've been voted to represent year 7 in the school council this academic year. I am proud to be able to represent the year group and school in this role. I enjoy liaising with year 7s asking for new ideas and feedback to take back to the school council. I am very confident and outgoing and I will listen and share your opinions to the rest of the school council. Please come and see me whenever you need to discuss anything.


Tayla Richardson – 7R

Shwmae, I’m Tayla Richardson and I’ve been voted by my class friends to be the year representation on the school council. I enjoy helping others and sharing their ideas therefore I believe being a part of the school council is well suit to me. I feel that I am a good listener and can voice mine and others opinions. I am looking forward to working with the other pupils in the school council to collate our ideas together and achieve some amazing things this year in the school.

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