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The Expressive Arts Area of Learning encompasses the subjects of Art, Drama and Music. As a community of subjects we aim to engage, motivate and encourage learners to develop their own creative, artistic and performance skills to the full, and in doing so to gain an understanding and appreciation of the creative work of others, both within Wales and the wider world. A great deal of emphasis is placed upon practical and collaborative work during lessons across all three disciplines as we strive to engage the imaginations of our learners and expand their cultural horizons. Classroom experiences are enhanced with an extensive range of extracurricular opportunities and activities.


Expressive arts lessons are taught in mixed ability groups across all key stages and learners are regularly assessed both formally and informally through a wide range of practical tasks.

Vision and Philosophy

The vision and philosophy of Expressive Arts includes:

  • Allowing space for all learners to be creative.
  • Making the offer fully inclusive.
  • Linking to positive health and well-being outcomes.
  • Ensuring that Expressive Arts skills are recognised as transferable and that they have a direct link to careers and lifelong learning.

Standards Leader - Music

Mrs R Honour

Classroom Teacher - Music

Mrs S Kirby

Classroom Teacher - Music

Mrs M Robinson

Classroom Teacher - Art

Miss L Williams

Classroom Teacher - Art

Mrs F Gibson

Classroom Teacher - Art

Mrs C Reading

Curriculum Manager - Drama

Miss S Reynolds

Head of Year 12 & Classroom Teacher - Drama

Mrs J James



As part of the 'Gwyl y Daffodil' celebrations, the Art Department have been working on a collaborative project with our Key Stage 3 pupils and prospective Year 6 pupils from our 10 feeder schools. Over the last few months as well as during our annual Open Evening, each pupil was asked to draw something they felt reflected Wales and our rich culture. These drawings were then carefully placed together to produce the image of a daffodil in bloom. Well done to all that were involved, we are very proud of the outcome! Ardderchog!

Orielodl Workshop - Day 2

Diwrnod arall o beintio heddiw ...Another day of painting today. Diolch Orielodl!

Orielodl Workshop - Day 1

Gweithdy Orielodl - diwrnod 1
Orielodl workshop - day 1
Pawb wedi mwynhau y diwrnod cyntaf o beintio - rydyn ni'n edrych mlaen at weld y gwaith gorffenedig
Everyone enjoying the first day of the art workshop.  We are looking forward to seeing the final product at the end of the week.

Olrielodl (24/01/2023)

Braf oedd croesawu Rhys i'r ysgol unwaith eto i gynnal gweithdy celf. Cynhyrchwyd murluniau arbennig o dda ar gyfer ein corridorau yn seiliedig ar y Pedwar Diben.
It was a privilege to welcome Rhys back to the school again to run another art workshop. Fantastic paintings were creates outlining the Four Core Purposes. 
Diolch yn fawr Rhys!

Criw Celf ’23 applications are now open!

Criw Celf is an Arts Council of Wales funded project for young people who love art. Young people aged 11 to 14, can apply and become part of a fun, exciting and creative programme organised by Oriel Myrddin Gallery.

Who are we looking for?

Young people aged 11-14 at Secondary level who show talent in art and are imaginative and creative. They may love drawing, painting, making, or building, they may spend their time inventing characters, making animations, making their own jewellery, or building and constructing dens with friends.

The workshops will run monthly at John Burns Centre, Kidwelly and begin in February.

What does the programme include?

Workshops in a variety of Art and Design areas, taking place at The John Burns Centre, Kidwelly

A chance to enhance creativity, learn new skills and experiment with materials in a supported environment.

Experience working alongside professional Artists and Designers with opportunities to hear their career choices, share knowledge and ask questions.

A professional group exhibition showcasing the work that has been created during Criw Celf masterclasses.

An art materials kit and certificate of their achievement upon completion of the programme.

We are committed to offering equal opportunities. For more information on what we are doing to break down barriers and make Criw Celf as accessible as possible for young people, head to our website -

Young people can apply online at or by paper application if they prefer.

If you have any questions or need support with your application, please email Abby Poulson at

Deadline for applications: 27 November 2022

QEH Orchestra awarded 1st place in Urdd National Eisteddfod 2021 (07/06/2021)

Huge congratulations to everyone involved in our school orchestra’s winning entry in this year’s Eisteddfod. It’s a tremendous achievement to have been awarded first place in this national competition, and a fantastic reminder of just how talented and hardworking our pupils are. It was particularly rewarding to see our established instrumentalists being joined in the recording not only by pupils from across many of our key stage 3 music classes, but also past pupils, music department staff and staff from Carmarthenshire music service. A real sense of team spirit and community shown by all involved. It’s amazing what we can achieve when we all work together! 

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