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The Maths and Numeracy Area of Learning aims to give pupils challenging and connected experiences that are accessible to all. We want pupils to be fluent in the fundamentals of Maths and to be able to reason and become confident problem-solvers. Being able to work collaboratively and not being afraid to make mistakes are key characteristics of success in Maths. Learning in this way helps pupils to adapt in a rapidly changing world so this is how they are encouraged to work in Maths lessons.

Pupils are taught in ability groups that are reviewed on a regular basis following the half-termly tests and other assessment tasks. Our aim is for pupils to achieve at the highest possible level for themselves.

Vision and Philosophy

The vision and philosophy of Mathematics and Numeracy includes:

  • Mathematics is a critical part of life and for the country’s economy.
  • Mathematics and numeracy experiences must be engaging, exciting and accessible, as well as challenging.



Standards Leader

Mrs D Roulston - Jones

Classroom Teacher

Mrs A. Bevan

Classroom Teacher

Miss J Clement

Classroom Teacher

Mrs C. Fedor

Numeracy Coordinator

Mrs H. Hopkins

Classroom Teacher

Miss S. Jacob

Classroom Teacher

Miss D. Price

Classroom Teacher

Mrs E. Williams

Classroom Teacher

Miss E Gerrard

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