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What is MAT (More Able and Talented)?

At QEH More Able and Talented pupils are defined as pupils that have exceptional skill and excel in either academics, sport, creative arts or in specific subject areas. Each department selects MAT pupils based on their success and excellence.

Around 20% of pupils in each year group are defined as MAT pupils in one or more subjects.

MAT pupils are identified by:

· CAT Tests

· National tests

· Internal interim termly assessments

· Primary school data

· Teacher observations

Our Aim

At QEH we want all our students to achieve their potential and in line with the Welsh Government we aim to provide opportunities for enrichment and extension that go beyond those provided for the general cohort of pupils.

SEREN Network

Pupils that are identified as MAT become part of the Wales SEREN Network.

“Seren is a Welsh Government initiative dedicated to helping Wales’ brightest students achieve their full academic potential and support their education pathway into leading universities in Wales, the UK, and overseas. It is a collaboration between Welsh Government, state schools, colleges, leading universities, alumni, local authorities, and third sector organisations to provide extensive national and regional activities. The Seren programme is available to Year 8 to Year 13 students from state schools and further education colleges across Wales, regardless of their economic background, personal situation, or location.” Welsh Government Website Feb 2021


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