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Wednesday 12 July - Friday 14 July 2023

QEHS Presents Matilda JR


Rotary Club of Carmarthen Review

The Rotary Club of Carmarthen Tywi is proud to have sponsored the Queen Elizabeth High School production of Matilda performed by Years 7, 8 and 9. The club members who attended did not know in advance what to expect but came away totally entertained and blown away. It was extraordinary at all levels from the staging, lighting, choreography and above all else the cast. The lead characters were played by very talented young people who acted, sang and danced with a subtly and maturity beyond their years. Their characterisation using humour, drama and passion very much brought the show to life and fully engaged the audience from beginning to end. The supporting roles and chorus were equally outstanding using their excellent vocal and dance talents to attack the big set pieces with an energy and enthusiasm demonstrating their commitment to each other and to making the show a success. It must also be said that the staff who put in so much hard work to ensure a fabulous production also deserve a full round of applause for their time and effort. The standing ovation and cheers received at the end were fully deserved. If this is what can be achieved by Years 7, 8 and 9, the whole school production of ‘We Will Rock You’ later this year will be something very much to look forward too.


An Outstanding Closing Night!

Queen Elizabeth High School and all it's friends and family witnessed a breathtaking final performance from the cast of Matilda JR the Musical.  

Thank you to all of our sponsors for their generosity.


Two shows down, and one to go!

Miss Trunchbull survived last nights brilliant performance of Matilda JR and will be appearing for the last time this evening. Will the revolting children led by Matilda manage to defeat her before the final curtain?


Opening Night!

Congratulations to the cast and crew, who last night, brought the show, Matilda JR, to life. There were many exceptional performances from both the lead characters and the supporting cast members.

The audience were transported from Matilda's unloving home environment to the caring classroom of Miss Honey as Matilda develops her telekinetic powers. The almost supernatural effects were brought to life by a fantastic technical support crew. This is a show not to be missed.

To avoid disappointment, tickets can be reserved by calling the school number on 01267 245300.

Please see a selection of photographs from our opening night.

Check out the vocal snippet

'When I Grow Up'

Another successful after school rehearsal completed. Miss Honey and the Gang have learnt 'When I Grow Up' and are already mastering the harmonies (check out the vocal snippet - not bad for the first run through!), whilst The Wormwood's and Mrs Phelps put in some excellent work developing their opening scenes. Da iawn pawb. 


Rehearsal Information

Here are the main cast of Matilda listening attentively to direction at the end of after school rehearsal last Wednesday.
Rehearsals for this week will be as follows:
TUESDAY MAY 23RD 12.25pm - 2.15pm: SCENES 10-13 all main cast and 'the gang'
NO MATILDA REHEARSAL AFTER SCHOOL WEDNESDAY MAY 24TH (upper school auditions for We Will Rock You instead!)
Further details can be found on the Matilda google classroom or speak to a member of the music/drama staff.


Matilda JR Rehearsal Schedule - Week commencing Monday 15 May 2023


Rehearsal Photographs

Split lunch hours can be a challenge when trying to rehearse with a large mixed cast from years 7, 8 & 9. Fortunately there are always plenty of volunteers willing to step in and act as understudies and ensure that the show does indeed go on! Here are some pictures of Mr & Mrs Wormwood, Matilda, Michael, The Trunchbull, Miss Honey, Lavender and extras in rehearsals last week. 


Matilda JR Rehearsal Schedule - Week commencing Monday 8 May 2023


Matilda JR Rehearsal Schedule - Week commencing Monday 24 April 2023

Rehearsal Schedule (06/03/2023)

Click on the image to access the most recent Matilda JR rehearsal schedule.


Matilda JR Rehearsal Schedule - Week commencing Monday 20 March 2023

Please click on the image opposite to view the most recent rehearsal schedule.


Pictures of Our 'Revolting Children' in Action!

We are now in week 3 of Matilda rehearsals, and cast and staff are thoroughly enjoying getting stuck into show preparations. Here are some pictures of our 'revolting children' in action!


Matilda JR Rehearsal Schedule - Week commencing Monday 13 March 2023

Please click on the image opposite to view the most recent rehearsal schedule.

Audition Dates Released

The first round of auditions for our school production of Matilda will take place after school on Thursday February 9th between 4 and 5.30pm. Audition materials are available on the Matilda google classroom. Anyone with specific questions about the auditions (including anyone unable to attend on Thursday) should speak to a member of the music or drama staff as soon as possible. Auditions are only for pupils who want to be considered for a main part. Pupils can be part of the chorus without needing to do a solo audition.

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