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Head Boy / Head Girl - 2023

Head Boy

Hi, my name is Wil and I have had the opportunity to represent the school as head boy. I am an approachable student who is looking forward to working with my fellow peers in the school council. School council creates a voice for all students at school from year sevens to sixth formers which creates outcomes in school which will change everyone's learning and opportunities. As a school council we aim for the school to be inclusive and everyone to respect each other whilst also creating a safe and welcoming environment. I have had a range of opportunities in school from when I started in year seven this has given me the opportunity to develop key attributes needed to succeed moving into university and employment. I believe it is very important to take part and get involved with school extra-curricular activities as it will shape you and has ultimately led to my achievement of head boy.

Head Girl

Hello, my name is Kate, and I am the current Head Girl studying in year 13. Being part of the school council allows me to interact with all age groups from the school and creates a sense of unity amongst all year groups. The school council is a fundamental aspect of the development of the school as it provides an opportunity for students to express their opinions. Our school is continually striving to achieve excellence and with the input of the student voice, our ideas can be incorporated within the school environment. Being part of the school council since year 7 fulfils me with a sense of pride to have made a significant contribution to my place of education. Having a range of inputs from ages 11 to 18 ensures our school has a variety of viewpoints and means all year groups are targeted during discussions and are considered before carrying out decisions. Our school community not only aids the pupils but plays a vital role in the county by participating in charity events, donating to local food banks, and being involved in council discussions. My main aim is to ensure the pupils of our school have a comfortable and encouraging environment to flourish and thrive creating a stable foundation for progressive choices in the future. Inclusivity and equality within the school create a safe and welcoming environment which is demonstrated through the successful feedback from school visitors. The school council focuses on all areas of the school from charity work to school productions and general wellbeing meaning every pupil is impacted and gets to experience the outcomes delivered by the school council. By motivating each other and voicing constructive opinions our school can continue progressing.


Meet the School Council 2023/24

Congratulations to the following pupils who have been elected for the year school council this academic year. Llongyfarchiadau i'r plant canlynol sydd wedi bod yn llwyddiannus yn yr etholiad blwyddyn i gynrychioli'r cyngor ysgol y flwyddyn academi yma. 

Prif fachgen/Head Boy –  Wil Evans 

Prif Ferch/Head Girl – Kate Panter 



Ty Cothi/ Cothi House 

Jamie Cutt 

Teejay Marks 

Arianna Adshead 

Holly Andrews  

Tomas Thomas 


Ty Dewi/ Dewi House 

Aiden Bevan 

Alfie Lewis  

Leon Davies  

Heidi Byrne 

Daniel Wilds 

Ty Gwili/ Gwili House 

Sailor Evans  

Patrik Malinowski 

Ffion Rees 

Isabella Vysa Killa 

Supreeth Leelasankar 

Ty Tywi/ Tywi House 

Sophie Bowlder 

Orlando Lewis 

Blue Evans 

Bethan John 

Connor Murphy Healy  

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