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Welcome to the Technology Department

Here at Queen Elizabeth High School we have a devoted and enthusiastic Technology department. Design and Technology is the inspiring, rigorous and practical subject which prepares all young people to live and work in the designed and made world. Learners are encouraged to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of the subject by thinking outside the box by gathering their quirky ideas from their creative minds onto paper to eventually producing a rewarding high finished product. We are a hard-working, creative and approachable department who are always willing to give support and guidance when needed. Pupils are taught in mixed ability groups.

Hospitality Practical Lesson
Homemade Cakes - Hospitality
Hospitality - Practical


Standards leader

Miss S Makinson

Curriculum Lead Skills

Mr K Abell

Head of Learning KS5

Mr Killingsworth

BTEC Quality Nominee

Mrs E Simpson

Classroom Teacher

Miss A Belton

Classroom Teacher

Miss S Davies

Classroom Teacher

Miss K Carter

Classroom Teacher

Miss K Granville


Mr W Griffiths


Mrs A Raymond


Year 10 Hospitality - Afternoon Tea Practical

Please click on the video to see our Year 10 Hospitality pupils at work during their Afternoon Tea practical.

Year 10 Hospitality - Carmarthenshire Headteachers (18/12/2023)

Year 10 Hospitality catered for the new and Acting Headteachers last week.  Excellent customer service skills were delivered by all involved. A very professional service.  Da iawn.

Festive Bake 2023 Video

Please click the button below to access the video.


Year 13 Hospitality Visit

Year 13 hospitality spent the morning in Dexter's Carmarthen carrying out some bar work experience as part of their L3 hospitality course requirement.
Thank you to Ceri Baker and Dexter's venue for giving us the time and expertise . 

Open Evening 2022 (08/11/2022)

A selection of Hospitality photographs from Open Evening.

Year 10 Hospitality - Jointing Skills (07/10/2022)

Year 10 demonstrating their jointing skills using chicken and making their own Italian chicken tray bakes using all of their chicken cuts.
Fantastic effort to all involved. Chefs in the making!

Year 12 & 13 Level 3 Hospitality Practical Class (06/10/2022)

Year 12 & 13 Level 3 Hospitality classes enjoyed filleting, cooking and presenting fish dishes as part of their skills lesson yesterday.


Fantastic effort all.


Thank you to 'Bev,s fresh fish local delivery' for all of the fresh fish supplied to the school.

Year 10 Hospitality - Macmillan Cake Preparations (29/09/2022)

Year 10 Hospitality decorating the cakes for this years Macmillan cake sale. 

Year 13 Hospitality - Cocktail Training at Diablos, Carmarthen (15/10/2021)

Year 13 Hospitality student spent a morning cocktail training as part of the course. Thank you to Diablos for facilitating the training.

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