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The Role of Parents/Carers

Parents, carers and families can make a positive difference to their child’s learning. Your support can play a vital role at all stages of your child’s education.

Checklist for helping your child with homework

Show you think Education and Homework are important

  • Setting a regular time every day for homework
  • Ensuring your child has paper, books, pencils and other things needed to do assignments
  • Setting a good example by reading and writing yourself
  • Encouraging any reading
  • Encouraging your child to take part in activities e.g. hobbies, clubs which will provide opportunities to develop a range of skills

Monitor assignments

  • Do you know what your child’s homework assignments are?
  • How long should they take?
  • Do you know how the teacher wants you to be involved?
  • Do you see that assignments are started and completed?
  • Do you read the teacher’s comments on assignments that are returned?
  • Is TV/social media/gaming cutting into your child’s homework time?

Provide guidance

  • Praise your child if they are working hard at something or has a achieved something within or out of school
  • Understand and respect your child’s style of learning
  • Do they work better alone or with someone else? Do they learn best when they can see things, hear them, or handle them?
  • Help your child to get organised with equipment and time management. Encourage your child to develop good study habits (e.g. scheduling enough time for big assignments; making up practice tests)
  • Do you talk with your child about homework assignments?
  • Do they understand them?
  • Link in to support from websites and apps such as : BBC Bitesize -
  • Talk with someone at school when problems come up:
  • Work together with the school by taking part in discussions about your child’s learning and progress e.g. at parents meetings, reviews
  • Contact your child’s Head of Learning if you need support in helping your child with homework .

Promoting Homework

Queen Elizabeth High School commits to the value of home learning. Staff, parents/carers and pupils all have a responsibility to facilitate this positive ethos.

The areas below are examples of positive approaches that may be used.

Good Practice: Homework checklist routine

  • Homework is recorded by the pupil
  • Homework is recorded in teacher record of work
  • Homework is seen  by parent/carer
  • Homework contains appropriate feedback
  • Class teacher will follow school policy on non-return of homework
  • Pupils are recognised for consistent high standard of homework
  • Pupils are recognised for consistent return of homework
  • Pupils are recognised for consistent high level of effort shown in homework


  • Homework is a planned element of classroom teaching
  • Homework takes into account the different styles of learning of individual pupils
  • Homework takes into account the ability range of pupils
  • Homework takes into account the variation in resources available to pupils
  • Homework tasks are varied
  • Homework tasks are challenging
  • Homework tasks are interesting

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