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SEREN Network

Seren is a Welsh Government initiative dedicated to helping Wales’ brightest students achieve their full academic potential and support their education pathway into leading universities in Wales, the UK, and overseas. It is a collaboration between Welsh Government, state schools, colleges, leading universities, alumni, local authorities, and third sector organisations to provide extensive national and regional activities. The Seren programme is available to Year 8 to Year 13 students from state schools and further education colleges across Wales, regardless of their economic background, personal situation, or location.

National programme

By providing extra-curricular study experiences and super-curricular enrichment activities that enhance and go beyond the curriculum, Seren supports the aspirations and ambitions of the most talented and able learners, helping to widen their horizons, develop passion for their chosen field of study, and reach their academic potential. Working in collaboration with leading universities and education partners, support includes subject-specific masterclasses to stretch and challenge, workshops, tutorials, study guides, higher education advice and guidance, and mentoring.

Seren Foundation: years 8 to 11

The Seren Foundation is for students in years 8-11 at state schools across Wales and is designed to support studies, help learners build confidence, and to make informed choices about their A Level subjects and route to university if that’s their ambition.

Seren Academy: years 12 and 13

The Seren Academy invites the brightest and most academically able students in years 12 and 13 across Wales to join the programme. It offers interactive activities and unique study experiences to support ongoing learning, and expert guidance to help learners make informed decisions as they prepare to apply to leading universities.


Applied Science

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Healthcare and Medicine

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