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Children's Mental Health

Helo blwyddyn 8. 
This is a difficult time for us all and some of you maybe really struggling with your feelings. You are not alone. If you feel you need any support then please talk to an adult or contact the school.  Here are some tips on looking after your wellbeing:
  1. Get Creative- Doing something creative can boost our self -esteem and helps us to feel less stressed. You could try:
    drawing, singing, dancing, painting, photography or even making something.
  2. Learn something new - Why not try cooking? Make your own DIY project or even learn a new language  ( Duolingo can help). Upload a picture onto the year group google classroom to show me.
  3. Be active - go for a walk or even a bike ride.
  4. Healthy eating - this will give your body energy.
  5. Get enough sleep - cut down on screen time before going to bed. Maybe try reading a book or listen to relaxing music?
  6. Help others - Ask other how they are feeling. This can give us a sense of achievement, increase our self -confidence and boost our relationships.

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