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Feb 3. Assembly. Captain, Sir Thomas Moore.

Most of you will be aware of the sad loss of Captain, Sir Thomas Moore. Whilst it is unlikely that any of us actually knew him, he inspired the nation, and created a purpose during the pandemic that raised in excess of £30million pounds for the NHS. This gentleman fought for our freedom in the last war, faced a few difficulties within his own life and then, in the twilight years of his life, started to walk to raise funds for the local NHS. His story was picked up and he became a global beacon of hope. He was selfless, doing his little bit to help others with no thought of gratification. He wanted to do his bit, and in doing so, inadvertently became a hero for the second time in his life.

He achieved so much for charity, recorded a number one hit, wrote a biography and a children's book and was also knighted by the Queen, all from a simple walk to help others. You can all achieve your goals, but like Sir Tom, you have to take the first step forward. He also remained so positive and believed, as with the title of his book, that tomorrow will be a good day. Whatever our difficulties, try to remain positive, look forward and belief in yourself. No one said it would be easy, it will not be, but you have to take that first step forward to your future. Year 9, These are difficult times for everyone. Please do your bit, complete your work, help your families and finally, stay safe.

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